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37 N.J.R. 3716(a)

Readoption with Amendments: N.J.A.C. 13:47F

Fees for the Registration, Inspection and Testing of Weighing and Measuring Devices

Proposed: April 4, 2005 at 37 N.J.R. 957(a).

Adopted: June 14, 2005 by Louis E. Greenleaf, State Superintendent, Office of Weights and Measures.

Filed: August 16, 2005 as R.2005 d.310, with a substantive change not requiring additional public notice and comment (see N.J.A.C. 1:30-6.3.).

Authority: N.J.S.A. 51:1-61 and, specifically, 51:1-54.2 et seq.

Effective Date: August 16, 2005, Readoption;

September 19, 2005, Amendments.

Expiration Date: August 16, 2010.

Federal Standards Statement

A Federal standards analysis is not required because the rules readopted with amendments are governed by N.J.S.A. 51:1-61. Although the rules are not subject to any mandated Federal requirements or standards, the Office has voluntarily adopted by reference the standards developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and published in its Handbook 44 for weighing and measuring devices in the State of New Jersey.

Full text of the readopted rules can be found in the New Jersey Administrative Code at 13:47F.

Full text of the adopted amendments follows (addition to proposal indicated in boldface with asterisks *thus*):

13:47F-1.7 Fee schedule

(a) The State Superintendent shall charge the following Schedule of Fees for the Annual Registration, Inspection and Testing of Weights and Measures Used for Commercial Purposes and for the Inspection and Testing of Weights and Measures Not Used for Commercial Purposes:

1. Type of Device: Scales Fee Per Device

i. Up to and including 1,000 pound capacity $25.00 per scale but not (other than hopper and vehicle scales) more than $200.00 per commercial location

ii. More than 1,000 pound capacity (other $100.00 than hopper and vehicle scales)

iii. Hopper scale $140.00

iv. Vehicle scale $100.00

v. Wheel Load Weigher $125.00

vi. Belt Conveyor Scale System $225.00

vii. Automatic Bulk Weighing System $225.00

2. Type of Device: Volumetric Meters Fee Per Device

i. Fuel Pump Dispenser $25.00 per dispenser hose but not more than $200.00 per commercial location

ii. Retail Vehicle Tank Meter with a maximum $50.00 per device but not flow rate of 100 gallons/minute more than $500.00 per commercial location

iii. Wholesale Vehicle Tank Meter $200.00

iv. Rack Meter $200.00

v. Natural Gas and Propane Meter

(1) Test performed at commercial location $150.00

(2) Test performed at the Office of Weights $100.00 and Measures

vi. Mass Flow Meter $125.00

vii. Water Meter $100.00

3. Type of Device: Miscellaneous Fee Per Device

i. Length Measures $30.00

ii. Timing Devices $15.00 but not more than $300. 00 per commercial location

iii. Pharmacy Weight Kits $40.00 per kit

iv. Tuning Fork [(operative July 1, 1995)] $10.00

v. Volumetric Measure of less than or equal $30.00 to 10 gallon capacity

vi. Volumetric Measure of more than 10 $200.00 gallon capacity

vii. Test Weights: less than 50 pounds $20.00

viii. Test Weights: equal to or more than 50 $40.00 pounds

ix. Steel Tapes: less than or equal to 100 feet

(1) Tolerance Test $30.00

(2) Calibration Test $140.00

x. Steel Tapes: longer than 100 feet

(1) Tolerance Test $50.00

(2) Calibration Test $220.00

*xi. Taxi meters $40.00*

4. Any other device not listed above $40.00

5. Late Fee $10.00

6. In addition to the above fees, hourly charges will be assessed at the rate of $100.00 per hour for testing of non-commercial devices not delivered to the State Superintendent.

(b) (No change.)

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