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On-line Renewal Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the web address for MyLicense online licensing renewal?

    The web address is
  2. What information will I need to renew my license or certification online?

    You will need your:
    1. License number - including the 2 letter prefix and 8 digit license number as it appears on your license certificate or the Online License Directory located on the Board's website. (i.e. XX99999999)
    2. Social Security Number - insert the numbers without hyphens. (i.e. 999999999)
    3. User ID number which is your 12-digit license number. (For Advanced Practice Nurses, your C.D.S. Registration number comprises nine (9) digits and must be used when you renew your C.D.S. Registration.)
    4. Password which is your MyLicense Code. Once you have entered this information, please click on the LOGON Button. Do not press return because pressing the return key results in no action.

  3. How do I obtain my Password/MyLicense Code to logon and complete my online renewal?

    If you do not have your MyLicense password, please call our License Verification Line at 973-273-8090. Please have your full license number ready.

    Once you dial in, select Option #2 and enter your alpha-prefix. The alpha-prefix is the two letters in your license number immediatly following the number 26. Listen to the license categories that are being announced. Your category may not be the first one, you will need to hit the * key to hear the next category. When your category is announced, press the # key. Enter the numeric portion of your license number followed by the # key. The numeric portion of your license is the eight digits following the two letter prefix. For example, if your license number is 26NR00123400, you would enter NR as your alpha prefix and 00123400 as the numeric portion of your license.

    Press the # key. The system will announce your name. Press number 1 if it is correct. The system will announce your license number. Press number 1 if this is correct.

    Once the system announces your license status, you may press number 4. Enter your Social Security number (do not press the # key), when prompted enter your Date of Birth using the 2 digit month, 2 digit day and 4 digit year format (MM/DD/YYYY). For example, if your date of birth is January 2, 1960 you would enter 01/02/1960.
    (do not press the # key). After a brief pause your MyLicense password will be announced.
  4. What do I do if I input my Password/MyLicense Code and cannot logon after clicking the logon icon?

    The letters "L" or "I" frequently look like the number 1. If you cannot logon, please make sure that you have entered the appropriate letter(s) and not the number 1 or vise versa. Recheck your Password/MyLicense Code.
  5. Do I need to use Internet Explorer to complete my online renewal?

    Yes. You must use a PC with Internet Explorer
  6. What setting is suitable for setting cookies on my Web browser?

    Reset your Web browser cookie setting to medium high instead of high.
  7. When paying online, how do I handle error codes?

    Error Code 1: Bad VeriSign connection. VeriSign is the payment processor. Please logout of the site and connect again. Then submit your payment.

    Error Code 12: Credit card has been declined by the bank.

    Error Code 13: Referral Transaction was declined but could be approved with a verbal authorization from the bank that issued the card. Submit a manual Voice Authorization Transaction and enter the verbal authorization code.

    Error Code 23: Invalid account number. Check credit card number and resubmit.

    Error Code 99: The credit card used is not accepted by the Web site. Use a different credit card, preferably a Visa or MasterCard. top

  8. Should I save all data entered while renewing my license?

    Yes. Press save for each page even if you did not enter updated information on the page.
  9. What do I do if I cannot save information or see buttons?

    Please logout and close the Web page. Reopen the Web page and select your profession. For example, nurses will need to click on the link that says "Nursing Board Licenses."
  10. What do I do when my page is frozen?

    1. You may close your Web browser and log back onto the MyLicense Web page from the "renewal checklist." Any item that does not have a checkmark in the box will need to be completed.
    2. If the page freezes before you receive your receipt, log back onto the site and look to see if the "finish" checkbox is checked. If not, your payment never went through and you can safely resubmit the payment.

  11. What do I do if I begin the online renewal and cannot complete the process?

    Review the "renewal checklist" located on the left-hand side of the screen. Does each box (except for the finish box) have a checkmark? Each box must have a checkmark before you can complete the renewal. Click on the "renewal checklist" item that is missing the checkmark. Then go back to that page and complete it. Make sure that you click save on each page.
  12. Will I receive a receipt for payment of my renewal?

    Yes. However, you must print it out before logging out. The process may take up to several minutes, so please be patient. If you do not print out the confirmation/receipt page BEFORE you log out, there is no way for you to go back to the page and print it out at a later time.
  13. Is a Criminal History Background Check required for the 2013 Renewal?

    Yes. The Criminal History Background Check is required for the 2013 license renewal.
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