NJ Prescription Monitoring Program (NJPMP)

New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs

Practitioners: New Registration

Access to the New Jersey Prescription Monitoring Program (NJPMP) database at www.NJRxReport.com is granted to prescribers and pharmacists who are licensed by the State of New Jersey and in good standing with their respective licensing boards.

To obtain access, prescribers and pharmacists must first register with Optimum Technology, the vendor contracted by the State to manage the PMP, by following these steps:

  1. Go to www.NJRxReport.com, a secure website maintained by Optimum Technology.
  2. Click on the “Not a member? Register” link.
  3. Follow the instructions, which include selecting your specific profession, and entering required information such as your State license number and other identifying information.
    • The site will then direct you to a link for the “Request for Access” form.
  4. You must print out and complete the “Request for Access” form. Sign the printed version, have it notarized, and mail the notarized original to Optimum Technology at the address provided on the form.
  5. After the form has been submitted and your information processed, you will receive an email from Optimum Technology with instructions on how to access the PMP.
  6. If you have questions about the website, please contact Optimum’s help desk at (866) 683-2476 or njrxreport@otech.com.

Patient information in the NJPMP is intended to supplement an evaluation of a patient, confirm a patient’s drug history, and document compliance with a therapeutic regimen. When prescribers or pharmacists identify a patient as potentially having an issue of concern regarding drug use, they are encouraged to help the patient locate assistance and take any other action the prescriber or pharmacist deems appropriate.