Peter C. Harvey, Attorney General

Division of Consumer Affairs
Reni Erdos, Director

For Immediate Release:
March 12, 2004

For Further Information Contact:
Genene Morris, Jeff Lamm

Strangulation Risk from Yo-Yo Water Ball Toy

NEWARK - A popular toy that features a stretch cord attached to a ball carries a risk of strangulation for youngsters, Attorney General Peter C. Harvey and Consumer Affairs Director Reni Erdos said.

The yo-yo water ball toy can become wrapped around a child's neck as it is being swung overhead and cause strangulation. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has received 251 reports of such incidents, with seven cases resulting in broken blood vessels. No deaths resulted.

Yo-yo water ball toys have not been recalled and remain available for purchase.

"We urge parents to be aware of the potential risk and to carefully consider whether to buy this product for their child," Attorney General Harvey said.

"Some stores have stopped selling the yo-yo water ball and others have not," Director Erdos noted. "We want consumers to be aware of the strangulation risk so they can make an informed decision when shopping."

The yo-yo water ball consists of a liquid-filled ball attached to a stretch cord. The cord has a finger loop on its end and can be stretched about three feet when swung.


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Posted March 2004